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Specialized trucks

If you need a tank truck, hauler, or other specific truck to complete you projects, we have it. We have a wide range of trucks and equipment available and our supply is always changing.


If you need a truck for a short term, we have leasing options available. Contact our office for leasing information and terms.


The ideal truck for those in the water supply business. You can ferry water in large quantities to localities requiring water, quickly. Call us with your enquiries and we will advise with details.

Do you need to crush waste or debris, rubble etc.? You can approach us for the best compactors available in the market. Call us with your requirements and learn more about the brands that we have!

The ideal truck for road construction activity. Transport large quantities of asphalt or mud locality to the construction spot in ample time. Call us with enquiries and you will be one of our many satisfied customers.

Commercial used trucks for sale or lease. Call for details on anything in stock.

In business for over 30 years.


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